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Who, what, where at the Billionaire Fair?

Europe’s exclusive gathering for revolutionary innovators, game changers, investors & buyers. This year's theme is ‘The Future in Now’, with six verticals: Biohacking, AI champions, Robotics, Metaverse, Leaders in Future Mobility and Smart Homes.


At the “How of Now” main stage, renowned keynote speakers will inspire the audience. On the immersive expo floor, the “Wow of Now” is demonstrated. ‘Invite only’ visitors experience this event live in Ibiza, a verified target group that ensures growth and adaptation for top innovators.

About the visitors of the event

For innovations to thrive the driving force is capital. This is why our crowd is strictly verified on purchasing and investing capabilities. At the Billionaire Fair, we grant complimentary access to invited visitors. Ensuring a high-quality audience each attendee is personally invited and verified through direct, close contacts - our esteemed TBF ambassadors. The exclusive guest list includes:


  • Key figures of: Family offices, Sovereign wealth funds, Private equity and VCs with a keen interest in our innovative verticals

  • Members of affluent closed societies & business clubs

  • Prominent entrepreneurs who are catalysts for change

  • Game Changers, world improvers and exceptional influential leaders



A crucial selection of attendees for a clear reason: for innovations to thrive the driving force is capital. Our carefully selected guests embody this driving force. To include & educate people from all walks of life, essential parts of the event will be streamed.



A revolutionary event,  solely for the wealthy?

or, do you engage people from all walks of life?

No, it is not about catering the wealthy elite, but for innovations to exist and grow much capital is needed, that is a simple fact. This is why the live event itself caters to a select audience of billionaires & influential millionaires with solid purchasing power, investment interest & widespread influence. In this way speakers and exhibitors gain directly profit from the encounters. But, the mission extends way beyond this elite...

We are actually committed to making highly innovative information accessible and understandable to the public. The organizers believe in the power of innovation by educating and engaging people from all walks of life. Thus Key parts of the event are shared on leading broadcasters and online channels. Resulting in more awareness and engagement.

Investor accesss

Hey investor! Do you fit the profile?

We have selected our attendees through close ambassadors of investor relations and our business network. No public Marketing, because we avoid selling at an untargeted "crowd". Still we could have missed a few investors.

 This submission table is only for investors to get their free ticket. Are you a startup or innovative venture, then check out the Mission Unicorn our startup pack or visit the partners page for more info on sponsoring.

Once you have submitted, please wait for the next page to load in order to view the subsequent steps to receive your official tickets. 

The Future in/is Now?

As you've noticed, our theme of this year's Billionaire Fair is "The Future is Now," deliberately chosen over the well-worn phrase: "The Future is Now". Why, you might ask? Well, "The Future is Now" has been the go-to line for every futuristic event since the dawn of time. It's like the black turtleneck of tech event themes – classic but a bit overdone.


In contrast, "The Future in Now" is like preferring a live stream over a rerun. It's not just a trendy phrase; it's the unhyped reality - in the NOW.

Entries closed for 2024

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